Butterfly Field Trips

Visiting "Butterflies in the Garden" is a wonderful way to bring biology curriculum to life and create curiosity in the plant and insect world. All types of groups are welcome to schedule a field trip to the Garden. We would like your visit to the Indoor 4-H Children's Garden to be a wonderful learning experience that meets the needs and interests of your students. All field trips include actively emphasize wonder and curiosity through hands-on explorations. We try to include science with art, stories, writing and other disciplines as appropriate. These field trips meet the greatest sucess when they are created collaboratively between a teacher and garden staff member. The ideas listed below are starting points to develop a good field trip, but are made fabulous with teacher input and imagination. Browse the different pieces and contact us at (517) 355-5191 ext. 1-327 or garden4h@msu.edu to set up your field trip today. With specific content questions, please contact, Jessica Wright, Education Coordinator, 4-H Children's Gardens at (517) 355-5191 x 1-327 or garden4h@msu.edu. To sign up today, call the tour coordinator or mail or fax an application.


Discovering Butterflies: Grades pre-K
First time explorations for young butterfly scientists. Explore what butterflies are, what they look like, what they eat and why they are important to us. 45 min-1 hr, $2 per student.

Butterflies and Plants: Grades K and up
Discover the relationship between the butterfly life cycle and the plants that are important for each part of the life cycle. In the Indoor Garden, students make careful observations of each part of the butterfly life cycle. The classroom experience includes using microscopes and interactive play to further understanding. 1.5 hrs, $2 per student.

Butterfly Experiments: Grades 2 and up
Students explore questions about butterflies by developing some of their own experiments. We begin by brainstorming different questions to investigate, determining how we can find an answer and then making observations in the Indoor Children's Garden. This is great to combine with Butterflies and Plants. 2 hours, $2 per student.

Butterfly Migration: Grades 3 and up
Study butterflies that migrate. Go on a butterfly migration- how will you find directions, something to eat and places to spend the night? Explore butterfly migration in the Indoor 4-H Children’s Garden and using the internet. 2 hrs, $2 per student

Full Day Butterfly Field Trip
Spend a full day investigating our flying friends! Begin with the Butterflies and Plants program for an introduction, followed by another program like Butterfly Experiments or Migration (as well as your own ideas). Students will also use the computer, sketch, journal and read stories. This program is developed with the teacher and the garden education coordinator. All ages welcome, 4-5 hours, $4 per student.

IN ADDITION to the central content, there are opportunities to incorporate stories, songs, and technology pieces into your field trip. Below is a list of accompanying material.

Butterfly Stories
Butterfly Songs
Shakey the Caterpillar

Parents can play a vital role in facilitating learning in small groups. Encourage parents to ask student's questions and make observations with them.

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