Butterflies in the Garden

Butterflies in the Garden occurs in March and April. 

We had a great season in 2019 and encourage you to make your plans to visit another great season of Butterflies in the Garden in 2020!

Butterflies will be flying March 15 through April 30 annually.

Located in the Indoor 4-H Children's Garden, visitors will be able to:

  • Witness the flight of a Zebra Longwing,
  • Find eggs hidden on host plants in the garden,
  • Look at larva munching on leaves,
  • Watch as a an adult emerges from its' chrysalis!

With over 25 theme gardens there is always something new to discover!

Public Hours

Monday - Friday: 2pm to 4pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10am to 4pm

NOTE: All other weekday times are booked with visiting classes. Butterflies will be closed Easter Sunday.

Field Trips

Educators seeking information about a Butterflies in the Garden field trip should visit our Butterflies Field Trip page.

Take an on-line tour:

Click here to get a preview of Butterflies in the Garden.