Pardon our dust!

May 1, 2019

When you come to visit the 4-H Children’s Gardens this summer, you will have to deal with some construction. We are doing everything we can to get these projects done quickly and in a way that has minimum impact on our visitors. Please be patient and follow the signs.

The construction projects will provide two big improvements that are long overdue:

  • A new safe passageway from the building to the 4-H Children's Garden
  • Parking lot resurfacing.

We are very excited about both of these projects and are sure they will be worth any temporary inconvenience. The safe passage will provide a separated walk that goes from the Plant and Soil Sciences Building to the 4-H Children’s Garden. No more walking through the parking lot! This is a really big deal when we are hosting hundreds of kids each day and moving between garden and building multiple times during the day. We are doing our Children’s Garden “happy dance” anticipating this new walkway! So if you find us doing a strange little dance, just join in and celebrate the new walkway with us.

Resurfacing the parking lot has been needed for several years. This work will get rid of the car-swallowing pot holes and provide a smooth parking surface. We are sure this will make your visit more pleasant.